Get Ready …

Larry Edelson

Let me cut right to the chase: The global financial markets … entire economies … and even political systems and philosophies — will soon start spiraling out of control.

So don’t kid yourself. The relative calm in the markets of late is a freak occurrence. You’re about to see plenty of action.

We will hit the back wall of the financial hurricane that started in 2008. That part of the financial crisis where the governments of the world stepped in to try and save things, but which are now infected with an even worse disease: Debt-to-GDP ratios that over the next five years will bankrupt first Europe, then Japan and then, the United Sates.

It won’t be pretty. It will affect everything you do. Everything you own. Every investment you make. Your lifestyle. Your children and grandchildren’s future.

No, I am not being an alarmist or screaming fire in a packed theater. I am merely telling it like it is, for if you understand the forces that are now converging upon the world, you will see the same things coming that I do.

Just take a look around:

Financial markets are starting to swing wildly. Everything from stocks and bonds, to commodities are now on a roller coaster. Whenever that happens — especially after a period of relative calm — it means something big is coming.

Big moves that could destroy your wealth in a heartbeat. Or, big moves that you can capitalize on for big profits. The choice is yours.

Entire economies are quaking. Europe is the worst of them. But there are also problems in China (though they won’t derail China’s long-term growth). There are problems in Australia, Canada, Great Britain. In Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela. In Russia.

And then there’s the Middle East, where countries are being kicked in the butt by still low oil prices, not to mention rising domestic unrest and terrorism.

Even political systems are under stress. Third parties are rising in strength all over Europe. New Neo-Nazi groups. Separatist groups. Secession parties. Terrorist groups. Cultural clashes. Syrian refugee crisis. And more.

All part and parcel of the rising war cycles that I’ve been warning you about, conditions that will not abate until at least the year 2020.

So why is all of this happening? Why will it get worse in the years ahead?

It’s actually very simple: You are witnessing the death of communism and Western-style socialism.

It is not the demise of capitalism, as so many think. It’s the opposite:

The death of big government. The death of the state taking care of you. The death of Keynesian economics.

The death of governments that are so indebted from fiscal mismanagement and making promises to you that they could never keep — that they are now waging financial repression against you …

While at the same time finding scapegoats in the form of other countries, other political systems and parties, to blame.

We are entering a crash and burn phase for government. Especially Western governments and their socialist and safety net experiments of the last several decades. Of their currency experiments, their trade wars, their inept policies, bureaucracies, tax systems and more.

It will manifest itself mostly in the sovereign bond markets of Europe and the United States, where interest rates started moving up — and bond prices started falling — even before Janet Yellen started talking about raising rates.

Nearly all markets will swing even more wildly than they are now.

And all the chickens will start coming home to roost, when the citizens of those countries … and investors everywhere … realize that the emperors of western socialized countries — their leaders and governments — really do have no clothes.

And then, nearly all markets will swing even more wildly than they are now.

I repeat: This is the first year of five years in total that will be a roller coaster ride through hell. And unless you start preparing now, it will gut your wealth.

My best advice right now:

First, stay out of U.S., Japanese and European government debt. No matter what anyone tells you, sovereign debt markets are soon going to become the biggest disasters of all time.

Second, steer clear of all foreign currencies. Stay mostly in dollars. I know it seems illogical, but it isn’t. As the global economy weakens and geo-political tensions domestically and internationally ramp ever higher, wreaking havoc in almost every corner of the globe …

More and more savvy money will flee to our shores and to the dollar — even as our bond markets tumble.

Third, build your own war chest, to go after the opportunities that are coming.

Some of the opportunities I see coming …

  • The next leg up in gold, silver and mining shares.
  • A breakout in the Dow above 18,500 on a monthly basis that will kick off a move to at least 31,000.
  • Oil shocking everyone, making yet another new low, then turning around next year and rocketing higher.

The profit opportunities for the rest of this year and onward will simply be off the charts. It’d be foolish not to go after them.

Best wishes,


P.S. Economic tidal waves act just like tsunamis. According to the National Geographic, the enormous energy of a tsunami can lift giant boulders, flip vehicles and demolish houses. But from a financial standpoint, the K Wave will be even worse: Millions could lose their homes. Millions more could see their lifesavings wiped out in an instant. Businesses, large and small, could close their doors. Even the bare necessities of life — food, water, clothing — might become scarce. That’s why it’s so important that you get your free copy of my new report “STOCK MARKET TSUNAMI” right away, click here to download now!

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  1. jancey January 7, 2017

    Larry, I love reading your articles!!! I hope Trump can pull it off for the ordinary people, plus the poor on the streets, getting jobs not handouts, work is freedom from yourself


  2. GW Baker November 7, 2016

    Why will gold and silver rise when it seems that most economies will head into a “deflationary period of collapse”???
    Thank you for “Money and Markets”, GW Baker


  3. GW Baker October 28, 2016

    Why will gold and silver rise when it seems that most economies will head into a “deflationary period of collapse”???
    Thank you for “Money and Markets”, GW Baker


  4. Jackie Baker October 25, 2016

    Thanks for warning many of us about the coming
    Financial crisis. I have a house and plan to move to the country. If the housing market is going to drop is
    Is this a good time to sell my house?


  5. Daryl October 22, 2016

    Since all you see every day is more legalized marijuana, and if you look at historical big tobacco growth and earnings, how do you feel about all the start up companies that will grow, sell, market and facilitate this entire industry. Is now the time to get into GOGY, MJNA, CCAN ,TRTC, CBIS, etc. They are all startups, with only MJNA making money.?

    Is this the next big market play including Miracle CBD.?


  6. Anthony Green October 20, 2016

    I have followed your recommendations over several years and am impressed by the accuracy of your prognosis.This week I watched your two videos covering this year and 2017. Your publication re Amagedon and your special price offer for Super Cycle Trader is of great interest. However I seek your advise as to whether I could manage it since I travel quite frequently to areas where the Internet is unavailable.your guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  7. James October 20, 2016

    What’s the daily sqawk call on the money and markets website? I am only a human being it looks interesting.


  8. Michelle October 19, 2016

    Before Dow goes up to 31,000, will it go down to 13,900 first sometime this year ?
    I bought a lot of inverse ETF and lost money on it. Should I sell them or keep them ?


  9. Eli October 19, 2016

    What has worked for me is short German bonds(the euro buxl future) and long US treasuries (t-bond future). It was a trade that Marc Faber mentioned in an interview a few months ago. I took some of my profits on the US treasuries on the day after Brexit, and now my short is in profit. Always good to have a hedge to your trade.


  10. Curtis Duininck October 19, 2016


    Quite a few people diving you hell! Very amusing. At least for me.
    This takes patience. Funny that nobody seems to notice your Oct 7 bottom call for gold that you called 6 months before. That ranks as one of the most amazing prophesies I’ve ever seen!
    Oh well. Laugh if off.


    • jckirlan October 20, 2016

      Pleeeeease!!!, it’s all relative. Larry recommended DUST at $75 and after the “bottom or I’ll eat my shoe in May or going into October”, it never got above $50. Great call on the gold slide.


  11. Geoff Lowe October 19, 2016

    Larry or Martin-Irving Weiss and I spent many hours together discussing Austrain economics, and he insisted that I buy T-Bills(26 week), but above you say get rid of all government deb. Do T-Bills represent risk. Larry could you tell Martin his father was a great guy and a true patriot.


  12. Michael Ratz October 19, 2016

    I am confused! On one side you predict gloom and doom, yet you predict that the DOW will hit 31,000. It just doesn’t make sense! You claim the FLIGHT OF CAPITAL from other countries will do this, but if the US and $ is going to deteriorate,I can’t see this happening.
    I think the DOW will go to 7000-8000 before it has a probability to go to 31,000.
    I would appreciate a reply. Thank You.


  13. Andy October 19, 2016

    Is today opposite day?


  14. Justin October 19, 2016

    The grandfather of all newsletter writers, the late Richard Russell, always said “Inflate or die” WRT to government overextension. However, we’re now in a situation where all the king’s horses and all the kings men can’t inflate the economy again.


  15. Eli October 19, 2016

    To all the posters and commentors –
    Can you please tell me which of the “Money and Markets” gurus have the best forecasting record? There are so many that I can’t follow them all.
    Thanks in advance.


  16. Juan October 19, 2016

    For those of wanting to buy a Gold Stock. Look at MDMN. There have been many problems the past number of years but now AURYN has taken over and this will be one of the last World Class Gold Mines. It is in Chile.


  17. UDO October 19, 2016

    I just wrote to another person FEAR sells ! He is good at that .
    You make a lot of sense with what you wrote – think for yourself


  18. Tom K. October 19, 2016

    I am a little confused. Are we ready to BUY Gold? What about the Dow or the S&P? I am getting tired of solicitations every month to Buy a new Financial Advice package.

    Who will I vote for? Simple. Look at what we have in the White House now. A president who makes a mockery of our government & laws. Instead of doing his job Mr. OBAMA is currently running around the countryside on Taxpayers Dollars, playing politics, stumping for Hillary & bashing Mr. Trump! This man is a total disgrace. Hillary is a mirror image of Obama. DO we need another annoying four years?


    • Vinman October 20, 2016

      Tom the real Question is can we afford another 4 years of Obama like policies ?????


  19. Shar October 19, 2016

    Larry, I’m one of those people who wrote you months ago about restraints on our portfolio due to Trust requirements.

    I can’t buy into the TGLDX due to these constraints and our broker has come up with two other possibilities……which do you feel is better SGDM or RING ????

    Answer on this is much appreciated as “getting ready to rumble” action has been put into place by yourself and we should be buying gold/mining stock ASAP if not before.



  20. Gold Bottom October 19, 2016

    Larry Larry Larry .
    You don,t seem to clear on Gold ,are you still waiting for comfirmation.
    I need the Golden Cross Sign ,so I can expose myself fully on Gold.
    Come on Larry get a grip man .lol


  21. Maryland Menckenite October 19, 2016

    Gentlemen: Don’t worry! The Architect of the New Fascist Feudalism may soon be reoccupying The White House as the Economic Manager of his spouse’s Administration. His earlier Administration’s promised “Financial Innovation” and his successor’s tax cuts for those with unearned incomes have ensured that the 99% of the rest of us won’t have any future increases in our earned incomes that would have been taxed at double the rate of those unearned incomes. It is no mystery why the national debt has doubled during the current Administration’s reign. Too bad we serfs don’t have the added income to be taxed and those earnings to be spent to restimulate the economy and reflate the taxation base! But, keep piling more debt upon us that we could never repay: our college graduates are already enslaved for the remainder of their lives. But, be sure to reinforce the fences around your gated communities! And keep armored Humvees in your garages!


  22. Debbie October 19, 2016

    I’m very disappointed. I read through the whole article you linked to above, about the end of the world coming and how I had to protect myself by getting rich. Then it promises this free report you mention in your article, ‘Stock Market Tsunami’. Except it’s not free – I have to pay $49 to get it. Honestly, I’m very disillusioned. If you truly believed what you were saying and truly knew how to invest and make millions/billions like you suggest, then why would you need $49 from me? That would be so insignificant that you wouldn’t need it. Therefore if you need $49 from me, I can only assume that you don’t really believe all this apocalypse stuff you have worried me with, and have no guarantee that you’ll be making billions from your investments. This is SO why I keep my money in the bank. I just feel I can’t trust ‘financial advisers’ because they just want to make money OUT of me, not help me to make money for myself. If financial advisers truly knew how to invest and make loads of money, then they wouldn’t need to work as financial advisers or gurus, they would be just sat on their yacht enjoying all the money they were making.


    • Brian October 19, 2016

      I also had invested $200,000 with a financial adviser with a local bank.. He couldn’t answer my questions when the 2008 stock market crash started or explain information he was getting paid to know.. I regard financial advisers and money guru’s as smooth talking salesmen not experts on the economy.. You have to educate yourself to make money in the markets as the so called experts are not looking out for your interests..


      • Don Smith October 21, 2016

        You are absolutely correct. I am a financial advisor. I teach Personal Money Management. You need to learn when a market trend ends and when a new one starts. As I write this it it 10/21/16. I just made $4,000 with HL the last 2 weeks.


  23. Candida Corradini October 19, 2016

    when it leaves the real report? for subscribers only Supercycle report offer? I want to know what to do waiting for five years, at this time the SP 500 should be already down 10%, but this ‘is not’ happened. They are invested in dollars but the dollar index and ‘downhill
    I live in europe and even them before the euro falls it will take ‘some anno.Sono confusa.Si can’ clarify?


  24. Bill October 19, 2016

    Another Real Wealth subscriber here.
    Still waiting on a follow up to the Oct. 5 flash.
    At least tell us what you think, as we’re all sitting here blind.


  25. dgs October 19, 2016

    You have been relatively silent and vague on the near term movement for gold and silver following the significant downward correction you correctly forecasted. People want to know….do you think the $1250 level is the low, or do you think the correction has room to run, say to the May lows in the $1209 level?



    • UDO October 19, 2016

      dgs ,
      the thing is NOBODY really knows for sure – honestly – NOBODY .
      It’s an educated guess even by Larry . Sometimes he gets it and sometimes he is incorrect – it showed over the years .
      He writes the DOW will rise to 31000 but your wealth and life will go to hell – how is that possible when your wealth is invested in the DOW ? O.k., he warns not to be in certain sectors – that’s good and makes sense and yes FEAR sells .


  26. John October 19, 2016

    Larry do your models indicate that we have seen the bottom in gold?


  27. Ron October 19, 2016

    Why your supposed ‘Artificial Intelligence’ charts don’t have Y-axis scale? There’ll be much more ‘intelligent’ if they had such numeric scale. I hope you’ll read that message and improve that particular topic


  28. Toby Howes October 19, 2016

    Larry, Weiss Research, in your video the presenter claims that you made 7 specific forecasts which all came true in 2015 … as audited by Weiss.

    Please can a list be published to show those forecasts, the dates & the measure used to determine that they came true.

    I follow you primarily for your metals, miners & index forecasts & imo they have all been completely wrong on both a short & medium term basis.

    I look forward to a bit of transparency on this issue … I think it will be appreciated by all subscribers.

    Thank you.


  29. Dennis October 19, 2016

    The collapse of communism was foretold in 1917.
    But it’s not going to be pretty.


  30. Duane Reidy October 19, 2016

    The next leg up for gold and silver mining shares begins on what time(date) frame in your long term trend?


  31. N October 19, 2016

    To the wise man,
    any way to reduce the downside and how to save the economy ?


  32. Michael October 19, 2016

    Please clarify: Are you saying the bottoms are in for stocks and gold/silver? If interest rates rise, that benefits financials. On the other hand, stronger dollar impedes US assets and commodities. So everyone is junk except the US? We don’t get touched because of safe haven status? We have seen blow ups before and have recovered. Your thesis sounds like more of the same with a hiccup.


  33. richard October 19, 2016

    Here in Great Britain, we`ve seen a rise in the service sector, in exports, in house sales and in the stock market; a dip in unemployment and in the pound, and a small rise in inflation considered by our Canadian Governor of the Bank of England to be healthy for our economy.

    Professor Otto Issing, a former chief economist of the ECB, says that with the imminent collapse of the Euro, the UK will still have options denied to the EU countries, because we have the pound, and now also Brexit. Things seem pretty rosy here at the moment; especially now that previously threatening foreign car manufacturers based here are now claiming that they were happy to continue here, as if nothing had happened, all along!


    • Chuck Burton October 19, 2016

      Brexit could be just the beginning. Watch for Italexit next month, then the tsunami will begin to build. France, Spain and others could decide to follow. NATO could follow the EU down the tubes, freeing Putin to reestablish most of the old Soviet domain


  34. LIz October 19, 2016

    We really need an update on gold. You nailed the drop into October, which worked out nicely. The last update I received through my Real Wealth subscription suggested that we may not have hit bottom.
    Could we please get an update on gold and silver?


  35. J Sanderson October 19, 2016

    Won’t a new low in oil next year cause another strong decline in the US equity markets?


  36. Kiley Kuhl October 19, 2016


    What happened to the 80% decline in mining stocks? January 2016 was the low and they have gone up 350%. I stayed out on your advice but its looking like you missed the train ride up. Example TCK January low of $2 as I pin this column $20. X January low of $6 as I pin this column $20. The list goes on and on. I’m a RWR subcriber and want an explanation.


    • Dave S. October 19, 2016

      >>The list goes on and on. I’m a RWR subcriber and want an explanation.<<

      The explanation is that he planned it this way all along. Despite his years-long claims that we'd 'back up the truck' AT THE BOTTOM, he now claims he wanted to be sure the bottom was in place, and for that it was necessary to let the 1st leg up happen (thereby missing enormous gains), and AFTER that, when the first big pullback is done, buy. Except that now we are in the same boat again, not being sure when the pullback is complete…and after buying mining stocks which now show a substantial loss. And the pullback in miners is rather less than predicted, at least thus far. So, gotta be patient. When gold has risen back to where it was pre-pullback (thus indicating the pullback is over), we'll probably nibble a bit more.


    • Russ October 19, 2016

      Kiley: Same here. I pay Weiss and Larry for analysis of shares fairly or undervalued. In January there were debt-free cash-flow Positive miners selling below book. The smart money was buying but WEISS group was Pretty quiet. They did recommend IAG (a heavily indebted miner) at one point though – as did Larry. But there were other screaming buys of Low-debt viable miners not mentioned that increased 300% to 1,000%. I’m Looking for a service that aligns me with the Smart Money buyers.


      • PCW October 21, 2016

        Russ, then don’t follow pundits, follow the market!!! Use your own ideas which are just as good as theirs and test what Mr Market says as he is always right.


  37. Tom October 19, 2016

    I have been following you for quite a while. It took me a while to have confidence in you after years of disappointment from other financial guru’s. I’m here now to thank you for your insight into the ugly mess we are up against. You have been spot on in the past and I expect no less in the future. Thank you again.


  38. Phil October 19, 2016

    Larry is a bit gun shy and shell shocked from past recommendations and price action. Should have bought gold at under $1100. It was obvious…


    • John T October 19, 2016

      it was at least obvious to a small group like myself.


  39. Mario October 19, 2016

    Larry ,
    I like Pat ,also want to know when we can start buy GOLD shares !!!!
    If you can give us an approximate time we will be VERY grateful !!!!
    We don’t want miss the boat !!!!
    I thank you very much for your sound advices .


    • David October 19, 2016

      Mario, Four out of the Five of Larry’s Gold and Silver Miners have hit his Buy Below prices, AUY, KGC, HMY and GG. The only Miner left is HL; you should have already bought the other Miners and also physical Gold; if you subscribe to Real Wealth Report and followed his Buy Below prices..


  40. Kelly October 19, 2016

    Miners seem to be moving up again. Is now the time to start accumulating?


  41. Trump to be president October 19, 2016

    Trump,is the only one qualified to be our next president because if you don’t know what real money is how in hells name can anyone such as old liar Hillary know how to run a country .sincerely. Andrew


    • RICHARD October 19, 2016

      Ha! Trump is a crook like the rest of the bunch. If you think he is a great business man Andrew you better do some homework. He started his business career on his fathers coat tails and then inherited his daddy’s fortune. He’s all smoke and mirrors with numerous failed companies to his name. He’s dishonest, can’t honor written contracts and walks all over the little guys. On top of that he can’t put two intelligent sentences together without insulting someone or conveying a cohesive idea. If that is what you call good qualities of a president, then vote for him.


      • Sam October 19, 2016

        Richard: “Trump is a crook…”And so do you believe that Hillary Clinton is not??!!

        Worse yet, for those of us who DO NOT want an Obama clone in office, a vote for Johnson OR Stein is a vote for Clinton simply because it divides the Trump supporters!

        Out of this entire nation, is this ballot REALLY the best that can be produced? Geese!!


      • James October 19, 2016

        We have terrible choices, Richard. May I suggest writing in Jill Steiner? She wants to use a little of the Military budget to provide free university tuition and more great things…


        • F151 October 20, 2016

          How is ‘free’ tuition a good thing? It means that we have to raise taxes on the workers.
          And worse….it pumps money into government colleges for higher union wages for college employees. Look at how much money Liz Warner was making as a college prof…..$400K per year…all tax dollars.

          I had to work 3 jobs while in college. Junior colleges are still relatively inexpensive. Have colleges spend some of their endowment and lower pay to their workers.


      • Kelly Kurek October 23, 2016

        Richard, I would like to see you build the fortune Trump as I’ve been following him for over 25 years and he always says the same thing and it always happens the same way that he says. If the same old PC in DC will be the same BS with Hillary. She’s as bad as they come and this vice-president she picked look at this idiot. Really? Something happens to her health which you can see something is going on. And as a woman I can see that. This guy is a complete moron. DC will mow him over. He will be a yes man just like Bush was and just like Obama has been. Just like Hillary will be because she’s bought-and-paid-for. And if oil prices go up next year it’s only because Hillary made a deal with Saudi Arabia. Granite low gas prices are not good for anybody’s economy. We all know that. Or we should. Get a grip. Between the two of them I vote Trump. You want to stay poor, keep voting poor!! All of Trumps money was not inherited he’d made billions before his father even passed!!! And he did take a loan out from his father and he had to pay it back with interest. If you do your studying you will see that. It’s called Google. We have that technology today. Get educated. Become aware of your American history. Because people like you will be a part of it, the ignorance is amazing in this day and age. That’s my stance. From the Buckeye state. Retired usn. By the way I’m a female.


    • Don October 20, 2016



  42. Debbie October 19, 2016

    I’m new to investing, after years of losing money by ‘investing’ in bank accounts to protect my capital. If I’m reading this correctly, you are predicting a huge increase in the Dow up to 31,000 in a relatively short period of time – the next 5 years. So as an investing newbie, buying a Dow tracker fund now and leaving it for 5 years would be my best bet?
    I could also buy now into Gold and Oil shares and get good returns in the next 5 years? It sounds like I can’t lose! Is it really that simple?


  43. Adrian Evetts October 19, 2016

    We’ve been hearion your story of doom and damnation for the past three years and it is always about to start, gold prices rocketing, stock markets crashing etc etc but it always gets kicked on down the road, it woud seem that the financial world always has another trick up its sleeve to keep world treasure boat afloat. This doesn’t mean that you are wrong but you don’t have a crystal ball and the world financial systems have in the past always manipulated away from the brink of disaster that have been forecasting for at least three years. You have screamed wolf too often and for me and perhaps many others you have lost credibility. That doesn’t mean you are wrong this time but it makes it harder to believe you. You are trading on fear and creating the rat in a corner feeling with readers offering the answer to their prayers born of fear for US$49, If you’ve personally made a fortune, which should have show us your tax returns for the last three years. Surely then you should rescue your countrymen for free not US$49. The wealthy pay a whole lot more for sound insider information, what value is there in US$49. You never talk to your many readers around the world that don’t live in the US or the EU. What about us? Give us a thought some time, your US snake oil remedies might not be suitable for SE Asia economies and investors.


  44. stan October 19, 2016

    When do Real Wealth subscriber get next gold/silver reports on buys and sells as you
    promised?? Is this now reserved for the new high end services?


  45. Alan L. October 19, 2016

    Larry, it’s Oct. 19. — are you still seeing the potential for sizeable sell-off in U.S. equities coming before the end of October or sometime in November, followed by the ascent higher that you’ve been writing about?


  46. Larry payne October 19, 2016

    I am very concerned but feel like there is no options open to me. The bulk of my wife’s and my money is tied up in 401k money and we have got 3 years before we retire. We have a advisor but deep down I sometimes feel that I am invested in what he likes. Also have around 150k invested with him and I believe he gets a nice kickback thru the funds.


    • JP October 19, 2016

      I was in a similar situation as you. I asked my employer if they would let me do an in service rollover because I was very unhappy with the investment choices available to me in the 401K. In the end, I was able to transfer the funds into a brokerage account that allows me to buy everything the previous 401k offered and many ETF’s and stocks. Please consult a professional as everyone’s situation is different. Beware that if this is done wrong you can be taxed and penalized heavily.


  47. ian October 19, 2016

    THat 18000 in the DOW seems to be a sticking point,after that, HELL is upon least we should see some action.It will be fun to watch.Hold on to your knickers girls and boys


    • F151 October 20, 2016

      If S&P breaks 2119 on a daily close…we are going down.


  48. Pat L. October 19, 2016

    Larry – When will gold bottom!!


    • Chuck Burton October 19, 2016

      Gold/silver should be very close to a bottom. There could be another leg down, but it should not be large. Buying now, should see getting most of the big surge to come.


  49. polywan suy October 19, 2016

    Small can not get huge around, Big can not see


    • ian October 19, 2016

      Hi POLY,can we start with the english version first please


  50. Ghansyam October 19, 2016

    What will happen to the Life Insurance Policies & Private Pension Plans.


    • books October 19, 2016

      Yes,what about annuities? I’ve been saving all my life into a deferred annuity, and had hoped to annuitize once rates improved. Will that be a disaster too? I have no pension, and the annuity and savings was the retirement plan.


      • don October 19, 2016

        beware of annuities they are not alike


        • PCW October 21, 2016

          make sure they are inflation linked if you want annuities otherwise you are risking your money.


      • MElmer also. October 19, 2016

        I would like to hear your thoghts on deffered annuitit’s and the up coming crisis.


      • F151 October 20, 2016

        Make sure your plan is with a very highly rated company like NY Life, TIAA or Northwestern. See Weiss ratings.


    • James Daigle October 20, 2016

      I have a life insurance policy with Pan American Life Insurance Company. What is the status of this policy? Is it worthwhile to continue paying the premiums in relationship to the dollar and the US economy?