China’s ‘Secret Codes’ for World Domination

Last week, I explained how the “Great War” of the 21st century has ALREADY BEGUN … and how CHINA is succeeding in its plans for world domination where the USSR failed.

Truth be told, the Middle Kingdom (not Russia, Iran or any other country) is THE greatest threat to the American dream today.

In fact, “The Chinese Dream” since the People’s Republic was founded in 1949 has been to become the greatest superpower in the history of the world.

To achieve its goal, China’s “100-Year Marathon” relies on “secret codes” from the Warring States period … which ended around 221 BC with unification under the Qin dynasty.

And U.S. political elites have fallen for every single one!

Secret Code No. 1

Promote soothing messages of capitalism and democracy.

For years, we believed China was moving in the “right” direction … toward freer markets and political freedoms.

But rather than free market capitalism, China owes its rise to mercantilism

High tariffs … control of natural resources … protection of domestic manufacturing … and a variety of nontariff barriers to protect industries from foreign competition.

As for political freedoms, Tiananmen Square gave us an opportunity to see the real attitude at the top.

Instead, the U.S. worked to calm the relationship.

Even after the massacre.

Even after purging reformers and arresting the moderate president.


Just as America “soothed” Great Britain out of its global role following World War II, China is quietly easing America out of its place.

Secret Code No. 2

Never lose sight of “shi.”

In other words … get other countries to work for you.

Shi means an “alignment of forces”.

It’s also like the story from “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” …

Tom is told to paint a fence, so he decides to run a con job. He makes it look like so much fun, the neighborhood kids offer to pay him to do the work!

For years, a small fortune of your tax dollars was spent to aid China’s rise … most of it kept low-profile, unnoticed by the media and the public …

Sending U.S. Labor Department experts to boost Chinese productivity … U.S. Treasury support for Chinese banking … U.S. government agencies assisting hundreds of Chinese science programs.

Western elites helped China join the World Trade Organization … obtain loans from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank … and launch their stock and currency markets, central bank and auto industry.

All without tipping off the Americans — the “chumps” — to their larger ambitions!

Secret Code No. 3

Encircle the naïve, trusting power.

The Chinese game of wei qi is like the American game of Risk:

Entice your opponent by opening up new positions while encircling him … hoping he won’t notice your real strategy.

Only today, the REAL WORLD is a giant wei qi board!

China is countering America’s global alliance to avoid altering us that an alternative alliance is being created.

What alliance, you ask?

It’s the New Axis … with Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and other countries that have chanted “Death to America” for years.

It’s 3D chess to America’s checkers … and we’re losing.

Secret Code No. 4

Win your opponent over to your side.

“America, you mistreated us. You must make amends. Give aid and we’ll become a democratic and peaceful nation.”

We bought it … hook, line and sinker.

And that’s how China basically hoodwinked every modern U.S. president to give them all they could ever want.

(Whatever you may think of Donald Trump, at least he’s standing up to China and saying, “No. You’ve mistreated us!”)

Secret Code No. 5

Steal your opponent’s ideas and technology.

Do I need to say anything about this?

American officials assumed this was just a passing phase, blind to the larger tactics inspired by the Warring States period … and unhindered by constitutional (or moral) constraints.

Secret Code No. 6

Overturn the old power and exact revenge … but only when the time is right.

As the old Chinese proverb says, “Bide your time. Build your capabilities.”

In the Warring States era, victory was only won after decades of calculated waiting.

Former Singapore prime minister Lee Kuan Yew says this about China’s mindset:

Keep your head down and smile for 40 or 50 years.

Secret Code No. 7

Economics, foreign investment, technological innovation and ownership of natural resources trumps military power.

Maybe that’s why China hasn’t devoted more to a larger conventional military … until now.

Through these strategies, China’s 100-Year Marathon of deception has been a wild success …

China’s growth rate is three times the global average. And it’s estimated that, by 2031, China’s economy will be DOUBLE that of the U.S.

All while the Chinese government sanctions audacious programs to steal our technology … buy out our companies … counterfeit our products … and promote huge trade surpluses.

China is on a mission to be the next world superpower. Not just culturally … but economically.

And soon … militarily.

America is kindly requested to step aside … or else!

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One comment on “China’s ‘Secret Codes’ for World Domination

  1. Don Allen November 26, 2019

    The Dems and the Rep. are so busy working against each other that nothing is being our USA is being slowly overtaken by the people in this country with their own supposedly great thoughts that we are going downhill rapidly. All the people running for office were born in the 60’s have no ideas of past history. With socialism on the rise they will blame everyone except themselves when our enemies try to take over this great nation. You better watch the Chinese as they will stop at nothing but world domination. If it happens I hope Pelosi and her cronies are alive.