One Chart Shows Why CBD Use is Soaring

At some time in the near future, every active investor in America is going to ask him or herself: “What the heck is CBD and why is everyone so hyped about it?”

Here’s a fun fact for you. The legal cannabis market, expanding at its current rate, will grow 350% in the 10 years from 2017 to 2026. It should be at $15 billion next year and $20.9 billion by 2022.

That’s big, right? Well, the CBD market is growing EVEN FASTER.

According to an estimate from analysts the Brightfield Group, the hemp-CBD market alone could hit $22 billion by 2022.

So, as an investor, yeah, I’m interested. Hell yeah.

Again, investors should be asking: “What is CBD?”

CBD is shorthand for Cannabidiol, one of over 113 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD is closely related to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that causes the high that cannabis is famous for. But unlike THC, CBD doesn’t make people feel “stoned.”


So, its use is medical. And it’s been proven to treat epileptic seizures and other ailments in some patients.

In fact, Uncle Sam and other governments have sponsored extensive research that focuses on CBD’s potential as a treatment for a wide range of maladies, including:

  • Autoimmune diseases (inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Neurological conditions (Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, stroke, traumatic brain injury)
  • Metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity)
  • Neuropsychiatric illness (autism, ADHD, PTSD)
  • Gut disorders (colitis, Crohn’s disease)
  • Skin disease (acne, dermatitis, psoriasis)

There are even physicians who are experimenting with CBD in treating some forms of cancer.

I DO NOT believe CBD is the cure-all that some hype would have you believe. But for some things, it works.

And like many new things that can cure what ails you, it’s getting a lot of attention. Heck, my massage therapist is going to start giving massages with CBD oil. Does that make any difference? Will it soothe anxiety?

I guess I’ll find out, because I’m scheduling a CBD-based treatment when she has them available. Like many people who trade the markets, I get stressed out. A lot. Maybe CBD will help with that stress. Maybe it won’t.

In the meantime, I’m researching CBD like crazy. Here’s a chart from Vital Leaf showing the most popular reasons to use CBD …


Americans are getting more stressed all the time. So, that tells me that CBD is going to become a lot more popular.

So what’s the best way to invest in CBD? I have some ideas, but I’m still doing more research. That’s one of the reasons I’m at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Toronto right now. I’ll be talking to movers and shakers in the industry — cannabis, hemp, CBD and more.

It’s quite an exciting time to be investing in this industry. I’ll come back from Toronto with some ideas for my subscribers. If you’re doing this on your own, be careful and do plenty of due diligence.

All the best,

P.S. I’m putting the finishing touches on a new project on this topic. If you want to find out about it before anyone else — a project that aims to make fortunes in cannabis, CBD, hemp and more — start keeping a close eye on your inbox as soon as next week.

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  1. Maryland CBD August 18, 2020

    I cannot get enough of my asteroid gummies!


  2. Stephen Ettinger April 19, 2019

    there are hundreds of stocks in the Cannabis / Pot sector. Some from Canada, and a few from America. To tell your readers to do their homework is a very unfair loose phrase. I did my homework, bought into Aurora when it took off, they have lots of money, and took a 60% on the stock. It is very unfair to tell people to do homework when you can’t always get all the information that is out there. What is so upsetting Sean is everyone find a pot stock that we all could have purchased share in for 5c 25c or 50c a share in 2013, and every momo now is writing about that same stock saying. Well, if you purchased this stock (YOYO Co Cannibis at 25c/share and bought $2,500 worth) in 2013 and it is $12.50 today, your money goes up 49 times x 10,000 shares and you have a $125,000 – WOW – what a great hit. – YOu, and every Tom, Dick and Harry paints a hypothetical picture of if you did this or you could had this if you did this. SEAN. other than the start up owners of these small 20 Acre start up companies that sold stock for 10, 25 or even 50c a share to raise money to buy more land to purchase more seeds to plant pot to make more money – and so on and so on, NO ONE IS GOING TO FIND THESE LITTLE COMPANIES UNTIL THEY AR ENOT SO LITTLE, and until they are in the news, on NBC, CNBC, or are a huge player selling a part of the business to the Alcohol and Tobacco business. By then it’s to late. All of us can make money now and in the future in this vertical Market Sean, but you gotta be friggen lucky or someone is on the inside feeding you intel that is not out there. So please…. Telling us to do our homework? I LOST $10,000 ON Aurora and it’s a big player already. I DID MY HOME WORK, AND MOST OF ALL I got BURNED FOLLOWING YOUR ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – BURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You know, understanding an industry, and throwing shit out there for everyone to read, with a caviot to do your own home work is ridiculous. This vertical market will make money. For all those on the inside, and know who is going to buy who – AHEAD OF TIME is where the money is going to be made. By the time the news gives us a merger announcement, those guys on the inside are in, done, and made their money. To late to make A KILLING, unless you want to share a 50c micro cap that you know has merger opportunity written all over it
    That is how we make a killing, Regarding your ” K-
    YOU MAY BE RIGHT ABOUT THE COMMING FINANCIAL COLLAPSE. But your call is several years to early. – WAY TO EARLY. CHINA is bouncing back, and Japan and the EU are NOT CRUMBLING!


  3. Llalon miller April 18, 2019

    I have trouble with hearing vidio’s I would much rather read reports as my hearing is very poor.
    what is the near turm status of gold minors, 2 to 4 weeks? also long term ? What about Silver?

    Very happy with your overall coverage.

    Thank you
    L Gary Miller