A Great Change at Weiss Research!

There are certain milestones in my life that have brought me great joy.

Like the day when my father and I worked closely together to write the inaugural issue of Money and Markets. Or the times I testified before the U.S. Senate on behalf of average investors.

Today, I’m announcing another milestone.

It will no doubt be one of the biggest yet, perhaps bigger than all my others … combined.

It’s a milestone I’m very proud of, and one that will greatly benefit you … setting you up to make you great gains every year.

No, it has nothing to do with a new service or product — nothing like that. This is bigger.

More Profits, Stronger
Research, Safer Investments.

You see, over the past several years, my team and I have been looking for a way to give you an even better experience — bigger profits, stronger research and safer investments.

A way to give you MORE of what you have … but even better.

And at one point two years ago, when we first learned about a brilliant news anchor and investment analyst by the name of Jeff Yastine, we thought we had it.

Jeff Yastine is one of those guys that is the full package. He’s met and knows nearly everyone who matters in the financial world — from Steve Forbes to Warren Buffett. He also interviewed me many years back. And he has a track record of successful trading that makes most people drool.

But Jeff decided to join a small group of entrepreneurs who started their own company, called Banyan Hill Publishing.

A while ago I visited his office, just a short drive from my headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens.

As I walked in and explored for a few minutes on my own, I noticed sheets of paper all over the wall — hundreds, if not thousands, of letters and emails from his subscribers.

I couldn’t help but read a few.

Made $26,000. Keep them coming,” one stated.

I’d be lost without you,” said another.

A third was a brokerage statement showing how one man had made nearly a million dollars — just in one year.

“I know it looks tacky,” a friendly voice said from behind me. It was Jeff.

“I put them up so that my team can always be reminded of why we do what we do.”

I was impressed.

I knew all along he was doing very well for his subscribers. Jeff had used his contacts to recruit some of the world’s top investment experts to his business. But until that moment, I had not realized exactly how well he was doing.

Jeff and I walked back to his office and started talking about his financial experts. He gloated over their success the way a parent brags about their child’s grades. He was clearly proud of them.

Jeff went on to show me the support he gives them. (It was a lot of business operational stuff you would not care about, such as customer management, order processing systems, data feeds, etc.)

Then, to his surprise (and even to my own surprise), I made him an offer of a lifetime. “How would you like to join forces?” I asked. “We could give our readers even better service if we work together.”

He smiled.

And just like that, we started mapping out how we could bring both our companies together.

Today I’m proud to announce that it’s a done deal:

Weiss Research and Banyan Hill
Publishing are Joining Forces

Our single most important goal: To give you an even better opportunity to make a lot of money, safely. In other words, to upgrade your service in a way that continues to give you all the guidance you’ve learned to expect from us … and then gives you much, much more.

You will continue to receive our Money and Markets and get my column every week.

You will continue to get 24/7 access to The Edelson Institute.

You will continue to get recommendations and follow-ups on every single stock, ETF or option in our model portfolios.

Plus, in addition to the unique research my company and I provide, you will also get the best of everything Jeff and his company provide.

Very much like when Dad and I used to work together, I am now working with Jeff and his team to fulfill my goal of helping good folks like you achieve your financial goals.

So …

Exactly What Does This Mean for You?

Upgrades. Lots and lots of upgrades.

Our goal from day one has been to give you better products, more profits and more joy in what you get … and I think we did just that.

Together, Jeff’s team and my team will cover the same topics … only better.

We’ll give you similar investment recommendations … only better

We’ll provide the same expertise … only better.

I’m truly thrilled about everything you will be getting moving forward.

With that said, here are the specific upgrades coming your way.

Upgrade #1. As I said, you will continue to get Money and Markets updates from me along with your favorite experts.

Plus, you will also hear from some new financial experts, who I will introduce you to in the days ahead.

Upgrade #2. You will continue to have 24/7 access to The Edelson Institute website and all its unique resources.

Plus, you will also be given access to Jeff’s website, at www.banyanhill.com.

Upgrade #3. If you are a customer of our separate Weiss Ratings division (not a part of this joint effort with Banyan Publishing), you will continue to receive your Weiss Ratings newsletters as before. And you will continue to get access to our ratings on 53,000 stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, banks, insurance companies and sovereign countries. Weiss Ratings covers more stocks than any other ratings agency. And ours are the only truly independent, 100%-objective ratings available.

Plus, you will now also get the very insightful, in-depth stock recommendations that Jeff’s subscribers have turned into such big dollars for themselves and their families.

Upgrade #4. If you have paid subscriptions, you will continue to get full coverage and follow-ups on all the investments in our model portfolios.

Plus, you will get the full benefit of new investment recommendations from Jeff’s experts.

And if you have paid Weiss Research subscriptions,
tomorrow morning you will get …

Our Most Important Email of the Year
Topic: Your Service Upgrades

We’ll tell you more about your upgrades to your subscription(s) in a special email tomorrow morning. So be sure to check your inbox.

The time will be: 10:00 AM Eastern Time

The topic will be: Your Service Upgrades

As you can see, this is indeed a great change — a true milestone for me personally.

And, if you take full advantage of these upgrades, it could be an even bigger milestone for you.

But it’s just the beginning. As Jeff and I continue to work together, we will be doing some truly remarkable things. I’ll tell you more about them soon.

Good luck and God bless!


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One comment on “A Great Change at Weiss Research!

  1. HANS VAN DAAL December 13, 2019

    yesterday, I subscribed to your new service “the coming stock market tsunami” ($ 59), but there was a problem with my order; I phoned, but didi not get any further; I have been subscribing to weiss services for 20 years; can you assist please