Nothing could have prepared any of us for this …

The outpouring of love for Larry Edelson and respect for his work is truly overwhelming us all today. At last count, 2,273 of our readers have visited Larry’s Tribute Blog to offer their condolences and memories of Larry.

Many readers are also expressing gratitude that Larry worked so diligently to make sure his followers would continue to have everything they need to preserve and grow their wealth in these difficult days.

They’re thanking Larry for recruiting and schooling three of our traders — and also for recruiting and training me as his protégé and Associate Editor – and for working with us on his forecasts and recommendations.

And most notably, readers are grateful that Larry spent three long years creating and testing his E-Wave Artificial Intelligence trading program. Larry poured everything he had – his 40 years of experience … his models … his formulas … his philosophy and strategy — and every ounce of energy he had – into his E-Wave trading model …

… All to guide us through these forecasts and trades – both now and for years to come.

So if you haven’t already, please be sure to take a moment right now to visit Larry’s Tribute Blog and leave a message of love for Larry and consolation for his family. – Wayne Burritt

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  1. tony March 13, 2017

    His family and friends will mourn his passing, for myself I always looked forwards to his analysis of world economics and politics .So shock yes as many have expressed and sadness too.I didn’t know the man but I knew his work and fervently hope that such insight and detail will continue to be published as one of his legacies .Sincere condolences to his family and colleagues .


  2. Donnie Smith March 11, 2017

    No… This can’t be true… It’s fake news and tomorrow I expect to wake up and hear everything will be alright…
    Larry you will be missed greatly…!


  3. Jeff Hostetter March 11, 2017

    I commented on Larry’s tribute page this past Monday, but in reading this, I’m grateful to see that many others shared similar comments as mine. I am truly grateful to have subscribed and followed Larry for years now. I referred to his advice and insights as; “Larry said….” I still find myself saying those words when I read David’s last SuperCycle Trader flash alert a couple days ago.

    Larry will be greatly missed. But, Larry left this earth with all of us in mind. It saddens me even more knowing that his predictions are starting to come to pass and he will not physically be here to see them play out. Nevertheless, he left his work, insights, philosophy and guidance to us while he tirelessly worked to make sure we will continue to be guided down the successful path that he so wanted us to have for our lives and families.

    Again, I miss Larry so much. When I read his last month’s newsletter again, as always, I read it hearing his voice.

    God bless all of you who follow his continued work and God bless everyone affiliated with the continuance of guiding us through Larry’s efforts!


  4. Stephen Sacks March 11, 2017

    You will be missed.


  5. MJB March 11, 2017

    Very Saddened by the news of Mr Edelson’s passing .
    He was one of the very few in the field who’s research and insight has consistently proven to be on target,
    and so I was always interested His latest report on US and world happenings, that impacted the US


  6. Charles March 10, 2017

    Condolences to family and friends of Larry. He will certainly be missed. Inquiry-I live in Coral Gables and have for many years. A former neighbors son was a Wayne Burritt who became friendly with my son, Ted. This is forty years ago and I am interested to know if this a name duplication or our former neighbor, Wayne.

    Thank you

    Charles Rigl


  7. Mark Dewalt March 9, 2017

    Larry was like a down to earth friend who I looked forward to hearing from every week even though we never met. My condolences to the family. I feel fortunate to have known him.


  8. Jas March 9, 2017

    Sad News, my condolesences go to his family. May he have eternally peace.


  9. Sharon Wright March 9, 2017

    My condolence to all who knew Larry and loved him. I was truly taken aback by the news and had been looking forward to my February Wealth Report. I’ve subscribed to many financial newsletters and really felt I had found the one for me. Larry’s insistence that we prepare for the unknown future is reinforced with this sad end. May peace be with all of you. Sharon


  10. Bob Heinert March 8, 2017

    Larry was as rare as they come. I witnessed over the past 15 years hundreds of trashy stock advisors pushing their BAD advise for money on the internet. However, Larry’s videos and writings were short and to the point. It was clear to me that his advise was true and honest to the best of his ability. He genuinely cared about his followers, subscribers or just readers.
    I could never afford to subscribe but I viewed all his videos and read everything he wrote as much as I could.
    At age 68, I would like to express my sorrow and condolences to those close to him.
    Bob H.


  11. Mary Lou Derflinger March 8, 2017

    I feel likebI have lost a family member. Shocked beyond words. Have taken his advice for so many years. Maybe.nearly 20 years. So so sorry. Did I miss an earlier notice?


  12. Ken March 8, 2017

    I will miss the periodic live sessions Larry used to inform his subscribers of his views on world and economic issues.
    I could tell by his voice print he was a knowledgeable, benevolent, confident, passionate and warm individual. I wish you God Speed Larry.


  13. Matt Goodwin March 8, 2017

    I made some and lost some with Larry but always really respected his insight. I was truly saddened by the news of his passing.


  14. Emil Fischer March 8, 2017

    Larry, well miss you. We lost a friend and a mentor. Rest in peace!


  15. SteveG March 8, 2017

    I have been following at least since 2003 and his guidance was always right in the end. Sometimes that particular
    trade would go sideways but in the end he was mostly correct…. Larry is a Great Guy and he will be missed like family!


  16. Pornpoj W March 8, 2017

    My condolence to Larry’s family and colleagues. May you rest in peace


  17. Estelle Dong March 7, 2017

    I am shocked and saddened. My condolence to Larry’s family and colleagues.


  18. Thanh Nguyen March 7, 2017

    To Larry’s family and Weiss Research Issues Staff and Editors :
    I am shock, depressed, and mourning for Larry’s pass.
    Words can not show enough my respect, my trust, and my love to Larry’s profession.
    Let you know Larry’s spirit and all of you in my pray.


  19. Dr. Gary Bishop March 7, 2017

    Larry’s Real Wealth Report was the first financial newsletter I purchased, and I am still a subscriber. His no-nonsense approach to his topics was much appreciated. His insights on China and Europe have been most enlightening. It is so difficult to get any significant information outside of the US. I have looked forward to his analysis of what is happening outside of the US. He will be missed.

    My condolences to his family and friends he has left behind.

    Thank you for this opportunity to say how much I respected his writings.


  20. Richard March 7, 2017

    The greatest financial advisor that ever crossed my path over the last 10 years . . . I appreciated his firm but humble attitude. My prayers go out to his wife and children!


  21. Marina March 6, 2017

    May you rest in peace Larry. All of us are going to miss you. We lost a true friend and a kind soul. Sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues.


  22. Carlton Olson March 6, 2017

    If one has never met a person and still has a feeling that the other person is doing his very best for you, this would describe Larry’s relationship with his subscribers, me being one of them. This is an isolated happening in the business world and speaks volumes of Larry’s grand character.


  23. Jerry Jenkins March 6, 2017

    Larry…you will be missed. Your integrity and wisdom has been a joy. I salute you for looking ahead not only for us as customers, but giving strength to your family to carry on…Jerry Jenkins


  24. Craig Overton March 6, 2017

    Just read the news, my heart sank. So sorry for Larry, family and friends. He will be truly missed. God Bless.


  25. ron goddard March 6, 2017

    goodbye larry,

    gone but ..what can one say? you were one of the few to give an unbiased opinion on geopolitical and other matters of
    importance to us, your readers. thank you larry,

    from ron goddard in oz.


  26. Lucie Theoret March 6, 2017

    So terribly sorry to hear. May God comfort his loved ones and grant him eternal peace


  27. Joe Somerville March 6, 2017

    Could you tell us what happened? This is still such a shock.


    • Walter Pearce, Publisher March 7, 2017

      Larry asked that details be kept private. We were shocked as well, but grateful that all along, Larry was preparing the team to carry on his work.


  28. Richard Herman March 6, 2017

    I offer my condolences for your loss


  29. D A March 6, 2017

    He was loved by many and he will not be forgotten. My best to all who knew him well and all of his family.


  30. Kleve March 6, 2017

    What a shock to wake up to the sad news this morning all heartfelt condolence to Larrys family . As a Christian believer the bible teaches that ” TO BE ABSENT FROM THE BODY IS TO PRESENT WITH THE LORD” it also teaches that the ” LORD LOOKS AT THE HEART ” Larry had a heart that wanted his subscribers to be successful and it came across well great teacher with wisdom and insight as well as great vision . MAY THE GOD OF GLORY AND LOVE AND GRACE BLESS AND KEEP HIM !!!


  31. Jeff March 6, 2017

    My condolances on the loss of your friend and collegue Larry.

    Sincerely Jeff Brookner


  32. CHRISTIAN KIRCHER March 6, 2017

    yes Larry got part of the life of many people and his work will not be forgotten so quick. An openminded spirit and generous personality combined with intelligence this is how we have Larry in memory. Usually one says everybody be replaced but in the case of Larry its not so easy to find a replacement. Reste in peace Larry